Welcome, Artist!
Why work with Invisible City?

Invisible City is a non-for-profit organisation on a mission to help you perform more and get paid fairly. We run private, unrecorded, pre-paid online performances that guarantee a fair income to you.

We are all somewhere on this planet, meeting each other in an invisible room where your art connects us, creates a feeling, and then dissipates.

Everyone working at Invisible City is in this because they believe that you contribute to a life worth living, creating meaning, alleviating pain and highlighting hope.

Who are we looking for?

We give preference to original work. We are open to performers from all walks of arts: musicians, dancers, poets, theatre groups – you tell us.

How are we different?

You never work for free with us. We guarantee a minimum of 100 euros per concert no matter what. If the donations are over 100 euros, we share everything that is above these 100 euros equally, 50% to you, 50% to Invisible City. Please see our infographic to fully understand this formula.

We stand for clear terms, detailed planning and paying on the day you send us your invoice. We are interested in building your audience and working as a team.

We are NOT a good choice if:

- You do not believe in the online format
- You are looking for a "one-night stand", and not a lasting partnership
- You are not ready to find time to talk to your audience together with us
- You are not ready to analyse each performance with our team and receive feedback.

Our philosophy

No single-use plastic, whatever we do. We believe in maximising happiness in every working relationship that we have, as the nature of our work is spreading joy.

How to fill in this form?

In this short application form we would like to know about who you are and what your magic is. Next are seven practical questions that will require about 15 minutes of your time. If we are a match, we will get back to you and suggest a test soundcheck to see if we can get the sound right.
What is your stage name?
This is the name under which you would like to publish your performances on Invisible City.
What is your personal name?
This is for us to know how to address you in our private correspondence.
Did someone recommend you to apply?
Was it an artist or a producer we are working with that vouched for you? Could you mention their name?
Can we see you perform?
Sharing a link to a video is a great idea!
What is your story?
Imagine that we are contacting the audience about your next performance: what story should we tell them about you?
What do you intend to perform in our invisible room? How do you imagine your performance?
Feel free to share a link to one of your performances.
What is your email?
We will use it only to eventually enter into a personal contact with you. We wont send you any newsletters or spam.
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