Artists for Ukraine
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What is Artists for Ukraine festival?

Artists for Ukraine is an online festival to collect funds for NGOs helping Ukraine. Each artist is asked to perform one or two compositions in their language during 7-10 minutes, during an online live.

The festival is organised by Invisible City, a non-for-profit helping independent artists to perform more and get paid fairly. We have partnered with Beluga, a localisation company, that will cover artist fees.

100% of the donations collected from the audience will go to Ukrainian NGOs, without a single cent spent on commissions.

Who are we looking for?

We would like to cooperate with artists who produce original work. It is important that you have all the necessary equipment for great sound. A simple H4N and fast internet are enough in the majority of cases. Please read our guide to get ready.

When and what?

Sunday, March 20th, at 16h - 20h GMT (Lisbon/London)

On Zoom with the audience being able to interact directly with you.

What is the process?

Let us know who you are in seven easy steps. We will respond to everyone and, when it is a match, book a soundcheck.
What is your stage name?
This is the name under which you would like to present at the festival.
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Why would you like to participate in this festival?
We would love to know what moves you.
Can we see you perform?
Please share links to your original work.
What is your story?
How do we present you to the world in a few phrases?
What would you like to perform at the festival?
Could you please share the names of the songs, the context, the story of what you intend to perform at the festival.
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