Thursday, March 23th


19h Lisbon / 21h Kyiv, Ukraine


Our first soundcheck starts with an air alert. Roman sings one of the songs he has written in a matter of weeks after a year of silent apathy. Is there even space for music in today’s Kyiv? The doubts have vanished: Roman is in the virtuose circle of hope. He plays for those who have lost peace, their support allowing him to keep on writing – now exclusively in Ukrainian.

BAH.ROMA, which means a fringe, is an anagram of his name: Roman Bakhariev. A tender visualisation for his warm, urban rock voice. Roman was born in Chystiakove, in Donetsk region: he dreams of performing there once the years of occupation and war are over. This tragic year he has spent supporting five orphanages in Kyiv region, getting medicines, laptops and tablets for the kids, as well fundraising for emergency vehicles.

During our online concert you will not hear what you can find today on Spotify or Youtube or elsewhere. It will be entirely acoustic, and woven of most recent verses.

*Invisible City stands with Ukraine and will transfer all your donations to the band, not retaining any commission.

Our goal
Live from Kyiv
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