How do I make a gift donation?
Step 1: Choose the amount
Choose the amount of your gift.
Step 2: Tell us who should receive your gift
In the pop-up form we'll ask you for your email (to send you the receipt) and for the name and email of the receiver of your gift.

No need to disclose your name if you want to keep it secret. However, if you want to be known, tell us in the special message box.
Step 3: Make a donation, and we'll do the rest!
After filling in the pop-up form, you will be taken to a secure payment page, and once you have made the payment, we'll do the rest: wrapping your gift and sending it to that special person!
We do not give gifts enough to the people we love most. And you are about to change it!
They can not make it?
No problem. We will simply ask them when they can and send an invitation to the performance of their choice.
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