Explore your strengths, see your ideas turn into products and gain confidence by observing how your daily actions have a consistent positive impact on the lives of artists and their audience.
Instead of a manifesto
Invisible City is a non-for-profit on a mission to help artists perform more and get paid fairly.

We believe that performing artists contribute to a life worth living, creating meaning, alleviating pain and highlighting hope.

Our ability to experience beauty through the work of performing artists is a rare blessing.

We help artists and people who need them to meet each other and build a lasting friendship by running both public and private performances, mostly online.

We are looking for people sharing this vision to join us.
How shall we work together?
An invisible internship is a practical mini-university, where both you and us give each other time, consistent daily dedication and feedback.
Daily team work
We meet remotely every morning from Monday to Thursday to discuss and plan, while keeping Fridays sacredly reserved for independent work and study.

All our work happens on Trello and Slack. We hate micromanagement, with passion. We'll encourage you to own projects, to stay self-organised and to spend your free time acquiring new skills, as your growth is what defines our success.

All interns help out at soundchecks with artists and attend all our concerts, sometimes becoming the hosts and running them entirely.

We stand for minimalism and zero single-use plastic.
Minimum three months
Learning and applying knowledge take time, this is why in order for this to be a successful experience for both you and us we believe that we need to spend at least three months together. On average most interns spend five months with us, which allows for shared growth.

Our internships demand consistent daily dedication and investment into your self-improvement: if you are planning to do this in between studies or after work, you’ll probably exhaust yourself, and we do not think that it is a good way to live your life.
Entrepreneurship, money and jobs

Our internships are not paid: they are a way for you to save on expensive graduate programmes and learn by doing. You'll grow by running real projects and solving real pains. You will learn about entrepreneurship by being an entrepreneur in the middle of a start-up looking for its product-market fit. We are proud to acknowledge that the absolute majority of our interns get well-paying jobs in the field of their choice shortly after graduating from Invisible City.

Our selection process
Our selection process consists of three stages: 1. Filling in a self-assessment form 2. A remote test asking to perform a number of real, everyday tasks 3. Online in-person interview.

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