Jolly's 🇺🇦

Sunday, May 1st

Let Ireland be born within you

20h Lisbon / 22h Odessa, Ukraine


Odessa, the seaport of Ukraine, is a generous place.

If you are born here, you are blessed with the freedom to choose what nationality and city you will allow to be born within you.

Jolly’s band confesses that once they discovered Irish music, Ireland was born within them. Valeria Mazurenko’s days are unthinkable without her Irish whistle and bodhrán (pronounced as “bow-rown”), an Irish frame drum played with a stick called cipín. Evgeny Falin contrasts the earthy rhythms of the drum with his flying violin, while Nikolai Mazurenko, the guitarist, gives that final touch of charm with his voice. The war has put Dmitry Svirduk’s double-bass on a pause: all he knows and loves in life is music, yet he is now a conscript in the Ukrainian army.

On Easter eve Odessa was hit by meaningless missiles that took away many lives. Its historical statues protected by sandbags, the city has been preparing for an attack by a neighbouring dictator. Yet Jolly’s band will play the music they love, for their and our freedom.

*Invisible City stands with Ukraine and will transfer all your donations to the band, not retaining any commission.

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You might discover Ireland being born within you.
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