The smallest concert in the world, in your most comfortable armchair.
The smallest concert in the world, in your most comfortable armchair.

How do I book?

See the artists we have worked with.
Get in contacts with us to agree on a date and the artist.
We'll run a soundcheck with you and your invitees to get you technically prepared.
Make your donation reflecting the size of your circle.
On the day, choose your favourite armchair, pour your favourite drink and enjoy the magic!
Write us, we'll get back immediately:

How much am I expected to contribute?

If it is just for yourself we believe that 150 euros is a fair minimum. There is always that cable needing replacement, so every extra helps to keep the artist well equipped. Most of our one-on-one concerts have received around 170 euro mark.

If you are inviting friends or family we suggest 250 euros, as everyone can contribute their share to the fair pay of the artist.

If you are an organisation with over 10 colleagues we believe that 350 euros is fair, as you will be sharing joy with many more people and giving back to the creators as a larger group.

Does it all go to the artist, or do you take a cut?

We follow an artist-first formula: be it a private or a public concert, the first 100 euros are always for the artist, and everything that is on top of this initial amount is divided equally between the artists and Invisible City. This way, we make sure the artists always get paid fairly, while Invisible City can stay sustainable and help many more artists.

Can I choose what the artist will perform?

We encourage you to let the artist exercise their freedom to choose the repertoire, perform their own songs and surprise you! This said, if there is a specific theme to your request – a birthday, for example – you are welcome to ask one or two covers for the artist to prepare for your day.

Will I see and hear the artists well?

We run all the necessary soundchecks with the artists, and we make sure they are equipped with top audio gear and cameras so that you can feel the power of their art from your corner of the planet.

Also, when you invite an artist, the performance is limited to you and your circle, and we use our professional Zoom account for the best quality and privacy.

Can you help me with the technical setup?


If you are worried about your technical setup, we can schedule a soundcheck with you and your invitees ahead of the date to test and improve everyone's set up. We handle grandparents in eight languages, too! We also have a surprisingly useful DIY soundcheck guide, the result of endless hours collecting audience feedback.

Give me some examples...

We have seen a large gathering of data scientists celebrate their Christmas by listening to Belarusian folk carols. We have seen a flamenco aficionado turn their fascination into tears of joy at a one-on-one concert. We have seen a large pharmaceutical explore cultural diversity through music.

I just want to talk to your directly!

Tell us your dreams at

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