Receive a micro-grant from Invisible City to start your career as a producer (in beta).
Become a producer of your favourite artist
Instead, Invisible City gives this money to you. We want you to produce a performance and try yourself as a cultural entrepreneur. Here is the deal.
We could have asked you to pay us 100 euros for the course...

We provide you with a micro-grant of 100 euros

This way you can guarantee a minimum fair pay to the artist you want to work with. Artists should never work for free!
Legal and financial hygiene are on us
We deal with contracts and payments, you do not have to bother with setting up a legal entity and opening a bank account.
Lowest donation processing fees
As a non-profit we have negotiated the lowest processing fees with all the payment platforms. Not a single cent gets lost in transactions.
We invite the most curious audience
Your artist will present to the friendliest and the most fascinating people coming from all corners of this Planet.
You learn hands-on together with Invisible City
We will share all our practical knowledge on how to organise a performance, from the first soundcheck to the last applause.
We have made it easy to apply
If we are a match, then without further bureaucratic drudgery we start preparing the performance.
With our micro-grants we want to reach as many enthusiastic and driven cultural entrepreneurs around this Planet as we possibly can. Our final goal is to help more artists and art lovers meet and experience the joy of living – and this requires producer talent.
Why are we doing this?
One day Salma and Engy wrote to us saying hello, we are DuskSounds, we would like to bring the most talented artists from Egypt to Invisible City. A few months later we co-produced a spectacular oud and guitar concert with Tarek Elazhary and Omar Magdy.
Where did we get this idea in the first place?
Who are we looking for?
You know a few incredible artists from your neighbourhood or city
You are comfortable with the basics of photography and video recording
You are eager to translate poetically into your local language
You are not afraid of technology and figuring out which cable goes where
You are ready to learn how to communicate to the audience
Shall we recap?
Together with Invisible City
Guaranteed payment to the artists, no financial risks for trying
Professional soundcheck backed by over 100 successful online concerts
Doubling existing audience
Legal and financial hygiene
Non-profit rates for processing donation payments
Same-day payment to the artist and to you (although it takes payment systems over two weeks to process donations)
Here is all you need to know about how to apply and what to expect from our cooperation.
Ready for the nitty-gritty?
What artists do you work with?
We give preference to original work, not covers. It can be music, theatre, dance, poetry - you name it.
With which countries and languages do you work?
We work with the whole world. We just need to make sure you have quality internet and your country accepts payments from the EU.
How do you split the donations? Will I get paid?
We act as a "nano angel investor": we guarantee a fair minimum of 100 euros to the artist, and everything that we receive in donations on top of these 100 euros we share: 50% goes to you, and 50% is retained by Invisible City.

If the total donation is over 300 euros, we split the sum equally between the artist, you, and us.

Example 1: if the total donation is 50 euros, the artist gets 100 euros, you neither gain nor lose anything, and Invisible City loses 50 euros.

Example 2: If the total donation is 100 euros, the artist gets 100 euros, and you and us neither gain nor lose.

Example 3: If the total donation is 200 euros, the artist gets 100 euros, you get 50 euros, we retain 50.

Example 4: If the total donation is 300 euros (or more), we split the total equally between the artist ( 100 euros), you (100 euros), and us (100 euros).

In other words, we take the downside risk, yet on the upside, both you and us get paid fairly and sustainably. We believe that this creates the right incentive structure for us to work as a team.
Is there a deadline to apply?
No. We are accepting applications at any moment. However, on average it takes at least a month to prepare a performance, so applying early and allowing yourself time to perfect the details is probably wise.
I have a question you have not clarified. Help!
We are happy to answer any of your questions, just write us at
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