You have just made our planet more beautiful and fair. We can not wait to greet you in our invisible room!
Thank you!
What is next?
Check you mailbox for two things:
Your ticket
A little love letter from us containing the link, the password and the exact time.
You will receive a payment confirmation email from Stripe, a secure payment system we use to make sure your card data is protected.
Payment confirmation
Still have questions?
I want to invite someone else...
This one is on us. Just share the link and password from your ticket with that person and enjoy.

If you want our poets to send a special invitation on your behalf to this lucky person, just write to us at and we'll send the invitation. Elegantly.
How do I get the best sound quality?
You can check our detailed infographic about how to prepare yourself for the maximum artistic joy.
I want to receive your invitations
Easy --> (We will send you a weekly invite, and a gentle reminder on the day)
I just need to talk to you directly
Our pleasure! Just write to us at
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