Are you a professional with a specific skill? We have a lot of unresolved mysteries on our plate, and would love to cooperate with you on building this shared invisible city!
Join us as a volunteer
Instead of a manifesto
Invisible City is a non-for-profit on a mission to help artists perform more and get paid fairly.

We believe that performing artists contribute to a life worth living, creating meaning, alleviating pain and highlighting hope.

Our ability to experience beauty through the work of performing artists is a rare blessing.

We would like to help more living artists and people who need them to meet each other and build a lasting friendship.

We are looking for people sharing this vision to join us.
How shall we work together?
Volunteering is a big step for you and for us, and we should only do this if it maximises our mutual professional happiness. Here is what we believe is fair to expect:
We commit to the hours
A minimum of four hours per week is what we believe to be a fair minimum for our cooperation to produce a positive impact on the artistic world.
We run a relationship test
Having a healthy, fulfilling professional relationship is how we want our partnership to work. This is why we suggest we try working with each other for three weeks, after which you and us decide if we are meeting each other's expectations.
We craft a fairer world for the artists
We work asynchronously while reserving space for quality face-to-face time, learning from each other and multiplying the effect our skills have on the world.
We give each other a hug once it is over
Saying goodbye, which is but part of life, should be peaceful and respectful. If we both understand we have given our best to our common goal and we need to part ways, we do so with a friendly hug.
What is your magical skill?
We are intrigued to meet you!

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