Where does my money go?
We want to be transparent about the way we do things at Invisible City. Here is how we manage money and help artists.
Where does
my money go?

We want to be transparent about the way we do things at Invisible City. Here is how we manage money and help artists.

What do you do with the money I donate to an online performance?

Even before the gig starts, Invisible City guarantees 100 euros to the artist. This is our investment into the performance which provides a safety net for the artist. We make sure it is never a lottery! These funds come from reinvesting the donations from the previous performances as well as from our private sponsors who support Invisible City directly. In fact, Invisible City acts as a micro non-profit angel investor that de-risks the performance for the artists and allows them to focus on rehearsing and setting up the sound.

What the campaign receives above the 100 euro mark, we share with the artist in equal parts. In this way, we provide a guaranteed income to the artist while staying sustainable and helping more artists run more wonderful gigs.

Here is an example. Say, the total amount of donations is 75 euros: this means that the artist receives 100 euros, and Invisible City takes a negative cut. Now, if total donations are 200 euros, the artist receives 150 euros, and Invisible City retains 50 euros, which it further reinvests into future performances.

How else do you help artists?

When we work with an artist, we work as a team. We are not an agency or a producer. The artist is not merchandise. We have no subordinates or bosses. We decide together what is best to do for our common purpose: create joy and allow more humans to feel it. We communicate with the audience jointly, we learn from each other, and we find solutions to our common tax, ticketing, invoicing and other operational challenges together.

Who pays your team?

We rely on your donations to back the basic expenses of our team. We have a number of larger private donors who share our values and who have entrusted us with their money so that we fulfil our mission of enabling artists to get paid fairly. Some of our donors have been institutions and non-governmental organisations such as Instituo Camões of Portugal, Greek Ministry of Culture, and EUNIC.

Our daily work is carried out by a team of volunteers and interns.

Our goal is to become sustainable through the work we do and keep multiplying value for the artists and for the society.

How can I contribute?

Each time you make a donation and come to our performance, you allow us to pay artists fairly. Each time you invite one or two friends to join, you directly multiply our help to the artists.

You can also book a private online performance for your team, family or yourself.

If you have the means, you can become our Artist Maecenas.

Further, you can volunteer with us or apply for an internship in our team.

Tell us how you would like to contribute:

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