We will learn from the living, breathing composers about how to hear and understand music. No snobbery. No need to feel excluded if you have never studied music. We are in this together to understand, gently and joyfully. They will play, we will listen, and then we deconstruct, discovering how to derive more joy from music!
Gui and Pablo will compose new music right in front of us, sharing tips on how to enjoy improvisation and the freedom it can teach us.
What will happen?
June 3rd (Thursday)
16h Rio de Janeiro / 20h Lisbon
Getting to know each other
We will kick off this unconcert by introducing each other – imaginary names and biographies are welcome! – and getting comfortable in Gui and Pablo's virtual studio in Rio de Janeiro.
Listening exercises
Pablo and Gui will play listening exercises that that will help us understand what music is made of. We will explore the revolution of rhythm, from simple to groove, noticing how Brazilian music is the grand mix of every existing style.

The two composers will play both classical and popular melodies, inviting us to rethink the existing value hierarchy of music, where some genres are considered superior to others.

Each musician will present their instrument – violin and double bass – untangling the complicated soap opera of a history of their strings.

We will also have an inspirational moment dedicated to self-taught and academic approaches to learning music, debunking some staunch myths about how to do it right.

The core attention will be given to the art of improvisation – the miraculous harmonious dialogue of the instruments – how it works and how we can learn to appreciate it.
Your questions
The last part of the unconcert is all about turning the tables. This is the moment when each of you will be able to ask your questions – no matter how embarrassing! – about anything! Invisible City team will moderate the discussion to make sure all are heard.
Unconcerts are special. This is how they work:
Maximum 8 people
Invisible unconcerts are small by design: we keep them reduced to eight people so that you get to meet each other, participate actively and have your question answered.
Cameras on
The artists and you need to see each other, it is the first step to a meaningful connection. The sessions are not recorded, any question is welcome without any judgement attached! The idea is to ask what some may consider embarrassing and learn from the musicians.
Duration: 1h 30 min
Invisible unconcerts are planned to last the maximum of 1h 30 minutes as we want to make sure you get to interact with the artists. Said that, our team will keep the time and make sure it is dynamic and to the point.
Donation: min 25 euros
Our mission is to pay the artists fairly for their performance and tutoring. We are aiming for 200 euros for this experience, and in order to achieve it while keeping the group intimate, the minimum amount per participant is 25 euros.
Guilherme Pimenta and Pablo Arruda

Guilherme Pimenta and Pablo Arruda - the mythical violin and double-bass duo from Brazil who have played over ten concerts with Invisible City. One day you will have to read long wikipedia pages dedicated to their genius. Right now, enjoy the results of their assiduous dedication to music and beauty in our room!

Gui and Pablo are miraculously versatile. We have listened to every region of Brazil with them: Rio's samba triste and choro, northern forró and frevo, southern chamamé. They have played tribute to female composers, to the great classics of Brazilian music, and have taken our imagination to such places as 8th century Andalusia and early 20th century Havana.

Invisible Unconcert with Gui & Pablo
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Number of seats left: 4 (out of max 8)
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