We work with independent artists
to pay them fairly.
Join us for the
sound of a
distant place .
uncover a local
We stand for
beauty and
Invisible City is a non-profit on a mission to bring artistic joy to you and sustainable income to the artists.
Learn about more delicate pleasures of life: how to recognise instruments, how to enjoy more complex musical phrases and how to understand the infinite beauty of improvisation.
Make friends
It all ends up feeling like an extended family. A flamenco night with your Andalusian friends. A jam session with a lost and found cousin in Rio de Janeiro. A recital in the most glorious opera house of Bucharest because your newly discovered aunt is a diva.
You might not know whether you like popular Portuguese or modern Arabic guitar. Risk it. Pleasure starts when we misfit ourselves from the mainstream taste and give it a try.
We run online performances from unexpected corners of this planet, helping you discover and make friends with artists and their music, no matter where all of us are.
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