Meet the most fascinating people on this planet: artists and those who love them.
Meet the most fascinating people on this planet: artists and those who love them.
Join us for our weekly performances with independent artists and help up pay them fairly.

Listen to the sound of a distant place and history – or uncover a local treasure.
You are in good company. We probably share the same disquiet for beauty and authenticity.
Invisible City is a non-profit helping artists perform more and get paid fairly. The way we achieve this is by running a virtual space where people who appreciate performing arts can meet, no matter where on the planet they are.

There is self-interest and enlightened self-interest. The former is the default human need for safety and survival, the latter requires learning about our more delicate pleasures. An elegantly crafted phrase charming our intellect, a melody so unpredictable we can not foresee where it will take our imagination – this is what we cherish at Invisible City.

Extended family
Invisible performances are a way to have an extended family that invites you to its private celebrations of life. As if you had a sister in Andalusia who sings flamenco for you and the neighbours. As if you had a cousin in Rio de Janeiro who is having a jam session tonight, and you are welcome to join. As if your aunt were a diva in the most glorious Bucharest opera and she has just invited you to her private recital.

Experimenting with the frontiers of what makes us passionate requires daring to take risks. You might not know what instrument, say, a santoor is, and whether you will like how it sounds. In Invisible City we accept that learning happens when we misfit ourselves from the mainstream taste and try.

No snobbery
We know that we may come from backgrounds that did not necessarily help us develop sensitivity towards arts. Or we may know all about a specific genre, for example jazz, but nothing about classical Arabic music. Hence we accept that it is not snobbery, self-shaming or being extremely rich that count when it comes to learning which art can awaken us. It is about exploring what fascinates us.
Invisible performances are virtual, deliberately small and private.You choose from where to join.
How do invisible performances work?
Our team scouts for talent
(see how you can help)
We help the artist set up their sound and stage so that you have the best audio and video quality.
You make a donation and receive a link and password.
You join our private virtual room with other guests. No worries, there will be no re-streaming or recording.
You make friends with the artist and, if you so wish, other invisible citizens attending.
What is our next performance?
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We will only write to you about artistic magic that is about to happen in our invisible room.
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