We are a non-profit helping emerging artists to perform more and get paid fairly.
We are a non-profit helping emerging artists to perform more and get paid fairly.
We run private, cosy online performances
with artists from around Planet Earth.
Your contributions help us pay artists fairly, a few times above the average. Curious how our payment model works?
How do invisible performances work?
We organise a performance with an artist we love.
You make a donation and save the date in your calendar.
We make sure the artist has proper gear and we run a few deep soundchecks.
You receive a secret code and join our private virtual room on Zoom. No re-streaming, no recording. Private means private.
Magic happens.
What is the next performance?
Ceci n'est pas a newsletter!
We will only write to you about artistic magic that is about to happen in our invisible room.
Infinite pass
Deal with the donation payment once, meet many artists! No problem if you can not come to one of the performances, we'll just keep sending you tickets to the the next ones. You can learn more here or click on the donate button below.
Full agenda on our minimalist app
Would love to support us?
You can support us directly so that we can cover our basic expenses, such as pay for our Zoom account, servers, or even purchase basic equipment for artists. We negotiate NPO rates for every service we hire, so not a single euro gets wasted.
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